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Costs and duration of therapy

In general, costs for neuropsychological and language treatment are covered or partially covered by most health insurances.

For people covered by a German Health Insurance: Please find more information on our German website under the menu: “Kostenübernahme und Therapiedauer“.

For people covered by a Health Insurance outside Germany:

Please contact your insurance company directly to check whether they will cover the fees for the treatment at ZeNIS

For self-payers:
Independent from your insurance status, we can offer treatment without any administrative expenditures.
The costs for services at

ZeNIS (assessment and treatment) are based on the fee system for psychotherapists in Germany (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten, GOP) which is Euro 100,55 for an individual session (50 min). The fees for group therapies are also based on the GOP system. Group treatment will consist of a maximum of 3 clients and will be delivered as an intensive short-term therapy programme. We are happy to provide more information on this.

Initial telephone contact and first meeting

At the initial phone contact, you, your carers, or your relatives may inform us about any issues you seek treatment or assessment for. We are also happy to provide more information on our services. We offer a first meeting in which we can discuss any therapeutic possibilities for you. We will also explain the specific procedures involved and can answer any queries or organisational aspects.

Therapy duration and frequency

Should you decide to participate in a therapy programme at ZeNIS, we will conduct a standardized neuropsychological assessment. Subsequently, we will dicuss with you (and your carers/relatives) all possible options for intervention. Together with you, we will define the therapeutic goals and the procedure. Based on symptoms, preferences and therapeutic goals, the duration and frequency of the treatment will be determined.
We apply therapeutic methods which are based on scientific evidence.



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