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Intensive Language Action Therapy (ILAT) for people with aphasia

ILAT is suitable for all people with aquired aphasia (a language and communication disorder) who would like to learn and practice language skills relevant for everyday communication.


What is the therapeutic procedure of ILAT?
  • ILAT is practiced daily for ca. 2 hours over a period of 2-3 consecutive weeks
  • The therapy is usually applied as a group treatment with 3 patients and a therapist. Exceptionally, ILAT can also be applied as an individual training.
  • Neuropsychological assessment is performed before the start of the therapy to determine the cognitive strengths and needs of each client. Subsequently, therapeutic goals will be set with each participant individually.
  • Language skills are practiced in a social group context. Here, so-called „language games“ are employed to practice behaviourally relevant communication needed in everyday life situations, for example: to make requests, to plan an activity with someone, to make a suggestion, to reject a request,
  • Training materials consist of card sets depiciting a wide range of visual objects, scenes, and activities. These card sets facilitate the practice and use of different word categories, sentences, and communicative speech acts in everyday life context
  • In the course of the therapy, language practice and therapeutic goals are adjusted to the participants‘s progress and language improvements.
Ist ILAT an effective treatment method?
  • The effectiveness of CIAT/ILAT language therapy has been demonstrated for people with post stroke aphasia (Pulvermüller et al., 2001) by a number of scientific studies.
  • CIAT/ILAT has become one of the major language therapy methods worldwide.
  • In cooperation with researchers from several European countries, this method is continuously being further developed and scientifically evaluated
Where does ILAT take place?

The therapy is offered at the Centre of Neuropsychology and Intensive Language Therapy, ZeNIS,in Berlin.

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Whom can I contact for more information?

If you are interested to participate in CIAT/ILAT or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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